Upcoming IPOs

StockDatePrice rangeLot Size
Tarsons Products IPO15 – 17 Nov 2021 635 – 66222 Shares

List of Upcoming IPOs in 2021

StockDatePrice RangeLot Size
NSDLTo be announced
National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX)To be announced
LICTo be announced
Bajaj EnergyTo be announced
MobikwikTo be announced
Equitas Small Finance BankTo be announced
IxigoTo be announced
RateGain Travel TechnologiesTo be announced
Star Health And Allied Insurance Co. Ltd.To be announced

FAQ’s Related to New IPO Subscription

What is an IPO (Initial Public Offering)
IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. IPO is the process of raising the capital from the public by issuing shares.

Why Should Investors Invest in the IPO?
Through IPO investment you can buy shares at a very low price and it also helps to create good returns in a very short period of time. Over a long period of time, an IPO helps you to create wealth. So, one of the main reasons for investing in an IPO is generating wealth by holding shares of the company for a longer period of time.

Why You Should Consider IPO as an Investing Option?
IPO is the process where you are investing into a business from the lowest price band which is offering to the public. So, investing in an IPO can be a good investment opportunity when it gives you maximum returns in a short period of time.

What are Requirements for New IPO Subscription?
You need a Demat account to hold the shares and bank account to create a mandate for the new IPO subscription.

Any documents required for a new ipo subscription?
As such no documents are required for the new IPO subscription.

How much amount can be invested by IPO?
A retail individual investor can apply upto Rs. 2 Lakhs in any ipo subscription.

Brokerage of any fee charged on New IPO Subscription by the Stock Brokers?
Investment in the IPO is free of cost service offered by all stock brokers in India.